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Bettering the breed

We are one of CFAs trusted Persian Breeders with a passion for animals. We breed for exceptional quality and ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards. To learn more about us or to inquire about available animals, please contact us.  

Color possibilities we feature

Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens

Shaded Silver Persian kittens

Golden Chinchilla Persian kittens

Shell Cream Persian kittens

Shell Red Cameo Persian Kittens

Red-White Bi-color Persian Kittens

Other surprises...

Doll face Persian kittens refer to the non-flat Peek-face (predominantly seen at cat shows) and

Teacup kittens or Teacup Persian kittens ALL refer to Chinchilla Persian kittens, because they tend to have a slightly smaller frame genetically

We have had Tortie-Point Himalayan Persian kittens in the past and White Persians, who feature natural Himalayan blue eyes, but do not have any today, but they were with us for over 15 years, so we honor their memories with their photos.

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Avenue Elite Persians is a CFA registered Cattery with the sweetest Persian kittens for sale.  I fell in love with Persians around 6 years old and they became my pet of choice throughout my adult years.  We have been building our reputation as a trusted Cat Breeder in Maryland since we bred our first animals back in 1990. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets. Our Purebred Persians  come with a genetic health guarantee - they are PKD, FeLV, and FIV negative.

Our pure bred Persians also have excellent pedigree lines (some with regional and national titles). Additionally, our Male Sire is from the Dearheart Silver Chinchilla bloodline (Fancy Feast featured bloodline), therefore genetically, so are all of our kittens. 

The happiest days for us are when one of our animals is adopted by a loving and welcoming family. 

We also offer Pet Nanny accompanied shipping across the United States.  My Sire was escorted to me by a pet nanny from Michigan to Washington DC.  It is a safe personalized process. Your pet is never alone. The shipping costs are not included; however, we will work with adoptive parents to arrange shipping.

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Humane Treatment

As a responsible Cat Breeder, we carefully screen potential owners to make sure they understand exactly what is required when it comes to taking care of these animals. Please note, because they are such a rare and specialized breed, we offer our pets on a first come first serve basis. To find out more or to reserve a particular animal, please get in touch.

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