If you are looking for a friend, this is the place! Here you will find the animals who have been born but have not found a home yet. Have a look at our precious pets below, and stop by to learn more about their pedigrees and personalities.

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten_edited.jpg


Our single kitten litter female is a cute ball of playfulness. She was the only kitten in this litter but enjoys leaning against and playing with mom and dad. Her color is still changing as more of her white undercoat grows in and her dark coat fades to silver.  We are still waiting to see if she will be Shaded Silver or Silver Chinchilla.  We've decided to keep her as a Breeder.  Look forward to seeing her gorgeous kittens in the future.


Napping with mom

mommy and me kitten and Cat.jpg

If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please get in touch.